Masc for Mask / Dancer 

Mudson - Salt Lake City, UT - September 2017

Choreographer: Nicholas Sebastian Daulton

Kinukko​ ​/​ ​Dancer, Choreographer 3 seasons Riverton, UT

Director: Andrea Carter Edwards

Seeing​ ​/​Featured Dancer Orem, UT

Choreographer: Kate Monson

Abigail​ ​and​ ​John:​ ​a​ ​character​ ​study/​Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

Collaboration with Kate Monson

We​ ​Gender​ ​and​ ​So​ ​Can​ ​You​ ​/​Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

Choreographer: Shane Davis

An evening length work 

But​ ​we​ ​turned,​ ​little​ ​by​ ​little/​Dancer Provo, UT

Choreographer: Kate Monson

A​ ​Levee​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Desert/​Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

Choreographer: Jasmin S

fight,​ ​Fight,​ ​FIGHT / ​Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

Choreographer: Monica Remes

The Mists​ - An Evening of Immersive Dance Theater / ​Fae Salt Lake City, UT

Evening Directed by Alysia Ramos and Liz Ivcovich

Everything​ ​Tendentious​ ​or​ ​M​ ​in​ ​Luck​ ​/​ ​Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

American extension of work by Tatraum: Projecte Schmidt. Director: Michael Schimdt.

Porridge​ ​for​ ​Goldilocks​ ​/​ ​Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

Improvisation based company. Multiple shows and projects.

Director Amy Freitas

Amusium:​ ​Inamorato/​Dancer Music Video

Choreographer Amy Freitas

Michael​ ​Garber​ ​Dance​ ​Collective​ ​/​Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

Director and Choreographer Michael Garber

Pinocchio​ ​Awake​ ​My​ ​Soul/​Young Geppetto Provo, UT

Buckaroo: An evening of Dance and Cowboy poetry / Dancer / Choreographer, Provo, UT

Director: Pam Musil, Marilyn Barrett

Swan Lake / Prince Siegfried Heber, UT

Triptych​ ​Figures/​ ​Co-founder and Dancer Salt Lake City, UT

Nights of Terror / Dark Lord Riverton, UT

Sugar​ ​Space​ ​Co.Da/​Dance Co-op Salt Lake City,UT

Co-op dance company

The Nutcracker / Snow Prince Heber, UT


Jungle​ ​Book/​Bandar King Multiple Utah Venues

Directed by Allison Meyers

TranscenDance: Works based on the sculptures of Heloise Krista / Choreographer / Dancer, March 2011, Richards Building Theatre

Artistic Director: Pam Musil


Every Day Hero Kinnect, February-May 2011, elementary schools across Utah County

Artistic Directors: Aaron Shaw and Kelli Treadgold


Contemporary Canvas, November 2010, Richards Building Theater, Provo, Utah

Artistic Director: Pam Musil

Innovation, Kinnect, elementary schools across Utah, daCi Denton Texas

Artistic Director Marilyn Barrett


Senior Showcase, November 2010, RB Theatre, BYU


Hairspray, September-October, SCERA, Provo UT

Director: Shawn Mortensen

Klassroom Kinnections, February-May 2010, elementary schools across Utah County, 

Artistic Director: Marilyn Barrett


Godspell, March 2010, NELKE Theatre, BYU

Director: Carson McFarland


Faculty Showcase, January 2010, RB Theatre, BYU


Lifelines, November 2009, RB Theatre, BYU

Artistic Director: Pam Musil


Jungle Book, February-April 2008, elementary schools across Utah County

Director: Allison


Senior Showcase, March 2008, Richards Building Theater


Nutcracker/The Nutcracker December 2007, Payson, UT

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Prince Seigfried ~ Swan Lake

May 11, 2012

Heber, UT

February 27, 2014

co·da is Sugar Space's Professional Cooperative Dance Company comprised of dancers with a unique and original voice who are interested in exploring new approaches to dance and audience exchange.

Membership is by audition and includes a six month commitment, educational outreach, performances, collaborating to create a final concert and inviting a guest artist to work with the company and community. 

Bandar King / Jungle Book

January 23, 2008

This show toured Utah elementary schools for three months with a two week stage run. 

Allison Belnap, who directs the show, came across some lyrics from the song “Watershed” by the Indigo Girls, which she thinks reflects the main theme of the play: “They say it’s never too late, but you don’t get any younger! Well, I better learn how to starve the emptiness and feed the hunger.”

“Our challenge is to learn how to starve the emptiness of revenge and feed the hunger for forgiveness,” Belnap said. “Starve the emptiness of pride and feed the hunger for humility. Starve the emptiness of covering our sins and feed the hunger for repentance. Shere Kahn continually feeds the emptiness and starves the true hunger. And in the end, she loses everything and gains nothing.”

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