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I find my current style of teaching to have a lot of basis in the thought processes of culturally relevant teaching as well as feminist pedagogy. Creating moments of choice for students, no matter the demographic builds a world in which we can both claim and examine our roles as artists. No matter the class, what is of upmost importance is shifting the power dynamic to one where we can practice community building and and a decentralized and shared power.

Pedagogy Statement

University Teaching Experience, University of Utah 2020-2023

Collegiate Courses Taught

  • Contemporary Techniques II for Ballet Majors

  • Non-major's Advanced Dance Techniques

  • Non-major's Intermediate Modern Dance Techniques

  • Somatic Wellness I

  • Dance Appreciation, GE Requirement

  • Non-Major's Beginning Dance Techniques

Collegiate Courses Assisted

  • Socially Engaged Art Making, Requirement for Masters of Arts Teaching

  • Hip-Hop II

  • Dance Writing

  • Movement in Culture, Dance Major Requirement

  • Dance Appreciation

  • Contemporary Techniques IV

  • Dance a Creative Process

  • Dance Composition for Non-Majors

Courses Developed/in Development

  • Somatics I: Explorations of Bartenieff's Activator Sequences and Patterns of Total Body Connectivity

  • Queer Villainy: Movement Examination and Creation of Disney Villains through the lens of Waacking

  • The Body Narrative: Character/Emotive Development in Choreography

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