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Selected Choreography

For more information, videos, and stills click on the title of the piece.

My current research in choreography seems to be autobiographical. I am hungry to know of how my blood genealogy as well as the history I have inherited from training can coincide. I find myself continuing to dip into the different pools that lie in my intersections of being: queer, brown, Filipino, American, youngish with an aging body, agnostic. The hunger to find out more, and to delight in the commonalities juxtaposed with the strong differences in these movement cultures has created much fodder for my art. Currently I have become obsessed with the psoas and its connections to the parasympathetic nervous system. I am in a creation vein of exploring movement forms that may free up this connection through the psoas to allow for embodied beings to surface from otherwise bound bodies. These movement forms include waacking, Filipino folk dance, and exotic dance. I find much delight in working with these forms as I find my own unbinding. 

Below you will find a curated selection of choreography that I feel echo my current choreographic interests.

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