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HI! Hi. Hi? hi


At it's beginning, this piece was reflected on various stages of relationship. The scenarios were all simple tasks, which were then given as invitations to the audience. Each interaction shapes the continuing dance, while the people may change with whom I share the space, their memory is stored in how the body interacts with the next. During its conception, I wondered why people stay in relationships, what makes them go? At what point does a deep romantic relationship start? While the beginnings were steeped in my perceptions of romance, this piece landed in relationships at large. In connection. Each rendition of this piece is accompanied by different sound scores brought by the experience of those invited on stage. 

It premiered in 2019 but the stills you see are from October 2022. Runtime for this piece in 2022 was 12 minutes. In 2019 runtime was 20 minutes. 

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