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In the midst of the pandemic this multi-media piece played with musings of the water we were forced to sit with while in lockdown. The projections, sonic scores and movement played with memory, as well as perceptions of being, especially within opposites. Is being bound to a singular place liberating? Can we live in the now while holding on to an understanding of our before lockdown selves? How do we honor our shared trauma while working toward a better future?



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Concept, Performance, and Edit: Joshua Yago Mora

Premiered: March 12, 2021, online concert

Sound Score: Budapest BluesBoy Apoxode Ft: Andy Sullivan, Doxent Zsigmond, Snowflake, Morusque, SackJo22 James Joshua Otto 

Images: Iggy Poptratz, Pressmaster, Engin Akyurt, Kelly Lacy, May Barros, Cottonbro

Text: Nayyirah Waheed

Special Thanks: Brent Schneider

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