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Mitsu Salmon's

Somatic Tracings

Performance and gathering bringing together the Asian and Asian American community in Utah around the exhibition Somatic Tracings


The event is co-hosted by UMOCA, OCA, JACL.


Somatic Tracing is an exhibition and performance drawing from the history of the building of the transcontinental railroad to notions of invisible Asian labor and healing. Salmon collaborates with four Asian American performers, who embody and converge these stories with their own. They create an elusive choreography and actions that are ever-transforming, fluctuating between the autonomous and collective.

(Following photography courtesy of Jesse Merideth) 

The Utah Review

When Salmon and four Asian American dance artists (Hannah Huang, Jonathan Kim, Joshua Mora and Kellie St. Pierre) begin the performance in the gallery space, the holistic visual experience immediately is clarified and the show evinces an elucidating cohesion. The dance performance highlights the unique character of Butoh. It is a deliberately slow yet organic procession of excruciatingly determined movement that parallels the stages of acknowledging, comprehending, accepting, reclaiming, affirming and healing a historical legacy that should never again be sanitized nor forgotten. 

~Les Roka, The Utah Review

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Mitsu Salmon

Mitsu Salmon creates original performance and visual works, which fuse multiple disciplines. She was born in the melting pot of Los Angeles to a Japanese American mother and Caucasian father. Her creation in differing mediums, the translation of one medium to another, is connected to the translation of differing cultures and languages. 

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