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Survived By

After examining the five stages of grief during a deep period of it, I found there was much beauty in the way we inhabit these stages. While delving into this process and the choices of those who survive those who pass, I played with juxtaposing how these stories might overlap as we are left to grieve and yet participate in society while the world spins madly on.
Survived By

Survived By

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Choreography: Joshua Yago Mora

Premiered: March 17, 2011 at Provo, UT

Dancers: Amy Barrett, Amanda Hansen, Amber Leigh Heaven, Mindy Michaels, Chantal Whipple

Sound Score: Let it Be by The Beatles performed by Hope Gospel Choir

In the Media

Joshua Mora’s “Survived By” takes a poignant look at grief. Accompanied by a live chorus, it delves into the grieving process, complex emotions and the idea that “it’s OK to grieve.”
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