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University of Utah: Tanner Dance Arts in Education Program and Studio 2014-2017


Director: Rachel Kimball

My job was two fold for the University of Utah. As part of the Arts in education program I was in elementary schools and taught dance which also reinforced what students were learning in classrooms. At the beginning of each semester I gauged the overall  technique of the classroom then taught dance concepts sometimes using ideas they learned in the classroom. For instance teaching adverbs and verbs while working with locomoter skills or energy qualities. At the end of the semester the classes in the school would have an informance, which was both informal and informational, showcasing student made dances based on a topic they learned in their everyday classrooms. 

I also taught hip hop/street jazz for the studio for dancers that would come after school. Age range of children taught 5-18 yrs old between the Studio and Arts in Education Program.

daCi USA 6th National Gathering July 26-29, 2017

Multi-generational Core co-teacher and Cultural Class teacher. 

St. John's Child Care and Development Center 2013-2017

As the dance teacher for two of the centers I created a program that focused on introducing dance terminology but was geared mostly teaching in a way where soft skills such as forming a line, taking turns, minding space was acquired. Self exploration of dance concepts were encouraged as we moved together through several activities mostly working within the Bartenieff principles of total body connectivity. Age range of children taught 2-5 yrs old, up to 12 yrs old during the summer.

Repertory  Dance Theater Community School 2015-2017

As a substitute teacher for the community school I was often called to teach hip hop, soma, and contemporary. Age range 16-50's. 

Eva Carlson 2015-2017

Substitute teacher for hip hop and contemporary often finding was of modifying classes to be more of a dance fitness class instead of based solely on technique.

Kinuko Modern Dance Company 2012-2016

As part of the company we taught workshops and helped run the Kinuko Jr. program. Most members also taught for Canyon View Arts Center at which I taught modern technique, improvisation and choreography to the advanced and intermediate students. 

Kinnect 2009-2013

Reaching over 1000 kids personally a season and over 10K as a company this outreach company focused on creating curriculum integrated shows as well as teaching. Performances and teaching throughout Utah, Nevada, Texas and Taiwan.

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